Buzzkill Labs is Modernizing the Drug Testing Market


Opportunities created by evolving legislation associated with legalization of cannabis has created a significant need in multiple market segments for advances in rapid and accurate drug testing technology. Buzzkill Labs is developing next generation technology that will combine patented noninvasive sample collection technology with scientifically validated laboratory detection and quantitation methodology.  Buzzkill Labs products will address the growing need for:

  • Suspected impaired driving by Law Enforcement

  • Improved assessment of employee impairment in the Workplace

  • Fast and accurate testing by Medical and Critical Care professionals

  • New tools for the Academic and Biopharma Researcher



Legalization of cannabis has created a significant need for advancements in drug testing.



We are developing next generation technology combining patented noninvasive sample collection with existing validated laboratory detection and quantitation methodology.



Buzzkill Labs is led by a dynamic and experienced team backed by a growing group of advisors and stakeholders.