Driving under the influence of drugs is increasing.

Among fatally injured drivers tested in 2015, positive drug tests were more common than alcohol.

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Buzzkill Labs is bringing to market a non-invasive, efficient lab quality test that enables law enforcement where and when it is needed-at the roadside. 

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The marijuana industry is projected to grow from $8B in 2017 to $120B by 2030, assuming Federal legalization.

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Jessica Seilhan, MBA, CEO

Jessica brings 10+ years of finance leadership experience in businesses ranging from angel-backed startups to publicly traded companies, most recently spending almost four years at Stitch Fix. She earned her MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. As a mother of two boys, Jessica is dedicated to empowering law enforcement with tools to keep our roads and children safe.  


George Farquar, PhD, CTO

George brings 20+ years of analytical chemistry experience, including almost 10 years at Lawrence Livermore National Lab where he developed solutions for detecting trace chemicals using a variety of chemistry techniques. He earned his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University. As a father of a 5-year-old girl, George is deeply committed to finding ways to keep her and her friends safe.


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